The Art of Place Making

EKISTICS is a multi-disciplinary design and consulting studio, specializing in sustainable planning, architecture, landscape architecture and land development. We bring together an energetic team of talented design professionals with expertise in town planning, architecture, urban design, stakeholder consultation, resort planning, landscape architecture and golf course design.

The word “EKISTICS” derives from the Greek word oikos meaning “home” and is defined as, “the science of understanding and making human communities.” This idea is deeply rooted in everything we do, no matter how sophisticated or complex their requirements.



The issues of community require a broad knowledge base that is best understood through different backgrounds and perspectives. The professional expertise of EKISTICS lies in our ability to bridge the gap between disciplines, to unveil the spirit of place, and to collectively design based on sound, innovative principles. From concept development to detailed design, EKISTICS possesses the experience and commitment to successfully realize award-winning projects. It has been said that design is more discovery than invention. With its comprehensive approach to results-oriented planning and architecture, EKISTICS has developed a respected reputation for creative, contextual and realistic responses to the complex issues of buildings and communities. EKISTICS work is exploratory as it strives to find innovative solutions that are appropriate to each unique context. The studio's work is always grounded within the framework of sound financial analyses.


WE ARE PASSIONATE. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

WE ARE A TEAM. We are a diverse and skilled group of innovative individuals unified by a clear common purpose. Our studio environment fosters collaboration and creativity.

WE ARE PLAYFUL. We believe that play and enjoyment at work are vital to our creativity, innovation, and overall health and success as a team.

WE ARE SUPPORTIVE. We feed off and grow from each other’s energy, ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm. We recognize, support, and celebrate each other’s achievements. We listen, mentor and motivate.

WE ARE CURIOUS. We enjoy the process of discovery and exploration and are unafraid to step outside of our comfort zone.


EKISTICS' reputation has been established primarily in Canada and China where numerous award-winning projects have been successfully constructed. The firm's proven approach has brought life to over 350 planning and architectural projects around the world. EKISTICS was founded in Vancouver in 1992 by Paul Rosenau. As President of EKISTICS, Paul leads the firm’s three offices in Vancouver, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh and currently focuses his attention on international large-scale resort projects. He was later joined by Paul Fenske, Mark Monteiro, Leah Yan, Ron Baerg and Mark Blackwood in order to expand the company's depth and grow its ability to service both local and international markets.


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W. Paul Rosenau | President, BA, BLArch, MA (Urban Planning) [+]
Paul Fenske | Principal - Urban Planning BLArch, MA (Urban Planning & Design) [+]
Mark Monteiro | Principal - Urban Design BA, BES, MArch [+]
Leah Yan | Principal - General Manager of China Operation, B.Arch.Sci. [+]


Ron Baerg | Principal - Architecture B.L.Arch, M.Arch [+]
Mark Blackwood | Principal - Architect AIBC, MRAIC, M.Arch, B.Tech [+]


Steven Beyer | Associate, Director of Landscape Architecture BLArch, RLA FL [+]
Damon Chan | Planning Technician [+]
Leonardo Chan | CAD Technician [+]
Cathy Chen | Financial Controller [+]
Monty Friesen | Senior CAD Technician Civil Municipal Drafting / CAD Tech [+]
Marlena Ginocchio | Design Coordinator B.EnD (Hons) [+]
Christina Ye | Accounting Assistant [+]
Jessica Mann | Design Technician, BENDS (hons) [+]
Beatriz Oliva | Project Manager B.EnD (Hons) [+]
Athena Ren | Business & Communication Coordinator [+]
Federico Sierra | Associate - Urban Design BArch, MArch, CPNIA [+]
Trang Hong Thi Tran | Manager of Vietnam Operations MBA [+]
Menora Tse | Planning & Graphics Technician, IT Manager [+]
Lisa Wadsworth | Creative Director [+]
Peiqi Wang | Urban Planner, Landscape Designer MLArch [+]
Don Wuori | Senior Landscape Architect BLA BCSLA CSLA [+]
Chelsea Wyatt | Studio Reception & Coordinator [+]


Roxana Abdollahi | Intern Architect & Jnr Designer [+]
Carlos De Carli | Architectural Graduate, LEED AP | B.Arch & Urb. [+]
Ray Dalupang | Designer & 3D Artist [+]
Peter Huang | Class A Registered Architect in China, BArchSc [+]
Dana Huhn | Studio Manager [+]
Jie Li | Senior Architect, BArch, MArch, AIA, LEED©AP [+]
Kareem Negm | Senior Designer | MDM, BSc Arch, LEED AP BD+C [+]
John O'Regan | Intern Architect | M.Arch, BEDS [+]
Alberto Suarez | Registered Architect in Spain (COACV) & Cuba (UNAICC) [+]
Jonas Thalamas | Architectural Graduate M.Arch, LOCI Brussels, Belgium [+]
Gregory R. Wilson | Architect AIBC, AAA, MRAIC, LEED AP | M.Arch | Certified Passive House Designer [+]
YanJing Wu | Architectural Graduate, B.Arch [+]
Julio Yanes | Intern Architect [+]
Vrinda Nair | Architectural Technologist [+]