Creating Great Places.


EKISTICS creates memorable places that are balanced and sustaining. Through our forward thinking approach, extensive experience and superior knowledge of land development and design, we deliver award-winning projects that meaningfully change environments and peoples lives for the better.


We design places that are personal:
Delivering exceptional service and attention to each client and project.

We design places that are memorable:
Spaces that resonate and are meaningful, unique characters prompting conversation and questioning.

We design places that are sustainable:
Our ultimate designs seek to emulate nature’s ecosystems – balanced and sustaining – for all.

We design places that foster community:
Crafting beautiful functional spaces for human comfort, helping to connect people to each other.

The art of place-making is a comprehensive discipline that goes beyond site planning and architecture. It demands a detailed understanding of all the elements of a project and how they best fit together in a unique and compelling design. This idea is deeply rooted in everything we do. EKISTICS designed communities share a profound experience: they feel like home.

EKISTICS seeks to create value through design. Each project represents a creative synthesis which serves to identify and articulate the site’s distinctive character and spirit. Our designs strive to emulate nature’s ecosystems – balanced and sustaining.

Our work has garnered a multi-disciplinary approach and expertise shared across the following design specialties:

Architecture [+]

Integrated Golf Design [+]

Landscape Architecture [+]

Planning [+]