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LVC International Investment


Weihai, PR China



EKISTICS was commissioned to participate in the design competition for the redevelopment of the industrial shipyard lands in downtown Wei Hai. The distinctive peninsular-like landform with is current industrial use creates an edge between the city and the waterfront. The site is surrounded on three sides by water offering the opportunity to extend and elongate the waterfront edge by drawing the water into the site in the form of marinas and canals.

EKISTICS’ concept establishes three primary zones within the site: a “public zone” accommodating tourism, culture and education venues as well as restaurants, entertainment, parks and recreation; a “commercial zone” accommodating shopping, restaurants, entertainment, business, office and other commercial uses; and a “private zone” accommodating residential and private resort uses. The master plan connects the existing beachfront open space to the north and to the south of the site, along boardwalks, marinas edge, canals and parks. The concept plan further ties the new site back into the existing surrounding street grid, providing strong, positive physical and social connections to the city. A central transit hub within the new development will accommodate public and private forms of transportation by land and sea.

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