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Kettle Valley Development Corporation


Kelowna, BC, Canada


1994 - 2002

Perched on a spectacular mountainside plateau overlooking Lake Okanagan, EKISTICS created what has become one of Canada’s best examples of a neo-traditional village.

The design of Kettle Valley’s 350 acre site sought to integrate a diverse mix of over one thousand homes into a village setting complete with a pedestrian-oriented “Main Street”, schools, community facilities, civic parks, all linked through an extensive green network.

Comprehensive zoning and customized streetscape standards, as well as, detailed landscaping and architectural design codes were formulated by EKISTICS to shape the development of a close-knit neighbourhood that possesses the form and character of a traditional town.

The Kettle Valley community focuses on a vibrant mixed-use village centre that is the social and economic heart of daily life. A clustering of land uses along a modified grid pattern of streets means that seventy percent of all residents are within a ten-minute walk of key community amenities. Rear lanes provide vehicular access to homes, while front porches create a comfortable village environment. Established in 1996, the community has received numerous awards of excellence including Best Community Development in Canada by the Canadian Home Builders Association for 2005.

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