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Chongqing, PR of China



EKISTICS undertook the detailed landscape architecture for the Flamenco project in Chongqing. The landscape concept for Flamenco draws on the regional identity of rivers, mountains and forest to create a lush network of courtyards, water features and forested trails. The site has been divided into three distinct design precincts – Spring and River Valley, Mountain Forest and Courtyard – each with its own unique characteristics celebrating the features of the Chong Qing region, while integrating with the Tuscan architecture through material selection, features and form. The elements of spring and forest are incorporated at various scales throughout the project: in open space, in courtyards, and in private courtyard patios. Notably, in the major open space areas, water flows from the Spring down a central River Valley and two forest bands follow the ridges. The two entry gates are given special attention, each with its own identity: the River Valley entrance, and the Mountain Forest entrance. Gathering spaces of various sizes featuring lush planting to provide visual interest, shade, screening and special definition are located throughout the site.

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