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Sun Rivers Development Corporation


Kamloops, BC, Canada



Sun Rivers is an exceptional recreational community nestled on a spectacular benchland overlooking the Thompson River in Kamloops, British Columbia. Two thousand residential units, a school, park facilities and a vibrant mixed-use village centre are all compactly situated within a spectacular championship golf course. Sustainable technologies for stormwater management in the golf course and thermal heating for the village area have been incorporated into the plan.

The physical planning of the Sun Rivers community has been informed and modified by the natural landscape as well as by the design needs of its championship golf amenity. The 6,650 yard 18-hole regulation golf course and practice centre is an integral component of the community. Various housing clusters are oriented towards the golf course which meanders through site's indigenous features of sagebrush, sand dunes, rugged topography and deep cut ravines. Water features including streams and cascading waterfalls unite the natural and built environments. Urban uses are focused in a mixed-use village area that will be the community’s economic, social, employment and recreational centre.

Beyond its uniquely arid natural setting and its comprehensive design, the planning for and approval of the Sun Rivers community plan are particularly noteworthy. This is the first major land development project in Canada to be sanctioned by a First Nations local government (the Kamloops Indian Band). Working cooperatively with a private developer and the Band council, EKISTICS established a comprehensive development review and approval procedure that the Band will use to guide future development.

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