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OCT Group


Da Mei Sha, Guangdong Province, PR of China



EKISTICS was commissioned by the OCT Group to assist in the master planning of their OCT East Resort - a ¥3.5 billon investment located at Da Mei Sha, Shenzhen. Occupying 14 km², the OCT East Resort is now a national ecological resort featuring tourism, culture, recreation and residential land uses the theme of which was to develop a resort that “provides visitors with an opportunity to escape the bustle of city life and experience a development that was in harmony with nature”.  Elaborately designed on the mountain and overlooking the sea, the OCT East Resort has three major theme parks (Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Wind Valley); two 18-hole golf courses and four residential communities.

EKISTICS developed detailed master plans and landscape architectural concepts for the four distinct and unique residential areas within the resort – two hillside communities, one golf course community and one lakeside community. Each of these subdivision plans was created with an emphasis on retaining the dramatic landscape of steep picturesque mountains and tranquil lakes overlooking the Da Mei Sha and the sea views to Hong Kong. Each of EKISTICS master plans feature homes set within steep topography developed at a very low density in the form of a series of stunning contemporary villas.  Many of these dramatic villas cantilever out and away from the mountainsides to reveal outdoor terraces and living spaces with unparalleled views towards the ocean.  These neighbourhoods have become some of the most exclusive residential areas in China with record sale prices, in some cases more than four times what was projected before design.

EKISTICS golf neighbourhood is nestled into the hillsides in and around the private 18-hole golf course and offers panoramic views across the golf course on one edge and direct access to the natural mountain forest landscape on the other. All buildings were carefully positioned within the terrain through a series of “one-the-ground” site truthing visits in which the final building footprints were staked by hand in the field as a way of ensuring that the buildings were positioned to maximize views and minimize intervention on the steep hillsides.

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