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EKISTICS has proven experience in facilitated consultation throughout Asia, particularly intensive design workshops. The design workshop has proven to be a highly successful way for EKISTICS to quickly generate a site planning or design solution while integrating the aptitudes and interests of the client and the client’s representatives. After a site visit, the design workshop is a key step in the ever dynamic design process. The goal is to produce an exciting and feasible concept plan in a short period of time.

A typical workshop takes between three and four days for the simplest of projects, and up to six or seven days for a more complex project in order to accommodate the required design feedback loops. The workshop is a way of accelerating the planning and architectural design process by creating an interactive environment where our design team and our client’s development group can work together on site without interruption or delay, which can be experienced via international communications. It also provides EKISTICS with an opportunity to achieve a level of design consensus on the ground prior to conducting more detailed master planning work back in our head office in Canada.

Experience has demonstrated that a workshop-oriented design process is the most effective and efficient means of providing our clients with a specific work product quickly and comprehensively with a minimal investment of both time and money.

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