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Chongqing, PR of China



The Bizika Sun Lake Resort is the initial phase of a large (100 sq. km.) and comprehensive regional plan for the development of a new world class tourism destination area in the scenic Hung Shui Mountains and National Forest Park. The area is a three hour dive along the Yangtze River from Chongqing and the higher elevation provides a welcome lower temperature regime during the hot summer months that characterize Chongqing. The master plan provides a comprehensive vision for the development of this unspoiled natural area.

The form of development features a complete mix of uses, including eco-clusters, eco-tourism, interpretive centers, eco-golf courses, tennis courts, equestrian centres, spa, resort hotel, town houses, garden apartments and tourist commercial amenities. The concept integrates the resort, recreation, and residential land uses with the stunning natural beauty of the mountains and lakes. A variety of high quality resort and residential developments will be sensitively integrated into the spectacular natural environment of the Wan Sheng Dam Reservoir Scenic Area providing a unique attraction for the Chongqing market.

EKISTICS master plan for Chongqing Bizika Sun Lake Resort establishes the parameters for the development of a comprehensive resort development around the lake created by the construction of the Wansheng Dam Reservoir. The site plan has been designed to take full advantage of both the natural topography of the site as well as the culture of the area - the traditional heritage of the local Tujia Nation (Bizika) is celebrated as the main focus of the resort. Cultural Tujia Villages located throughout the site will celebrate different aspects of the daily lives of the local people in Bizika.  Resort communities, hotels and resort residential villas will provide accommodation and services for visitors to the resort to experience nature and culture at its best.

The Bizika Sun Lake Resort will feature unmatched recreational opportunities on-site.  Land oriented activities will include golfing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and camping. The lake will provide opportunities for the practice of wide range of water sports such as kayaking, rowing, fishing, swimming, windsurf, and sailing.

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