The Art of Place Making

At EKISTICS, we place a high value on listening.

Place-making is far from an act of solo virtuosity, but rather a dynamic, collaborative art. We collaborate with the land through site planning, a multi-faceted process of inventory, analysis and synthesis. It is an extended conversation with the land itself—and the design is a response to its distinctive qualities.

But that is not our only conversation. As important as the land, are the people: our clients, members of the communities in which we work, groups and individuals with a stake in the process. We strike collaborative partnerships, foster capacity-building and engage in transparent dialogue – design workshops with clients and stakeholders, public consultations, field reconnaissance, consultations with technical specialists and regulators – and throughout it all, we listen.

The journey of discovery that begins with the spirit of the place continues through the collaborative conversation – above all, we strive to articulate what the place means to people and what people mean to the place.

EKISTICS strives to develop creative, contextual and realistic planning solutions. Our goal is to create towns and villages with a sense of place – giving form, structure and meaning to communities. We aspire to be interdisciplinary, innovative, principled and responsive.