Creating Great Places.

At EKISTICS, our design approach is always inclusive and collaborative. It utilizes the complimentary processes of visioning and design to create tangible lasting value for our clients. We believe that each project is far from an act of solo virtuosity, but rather it is a dynamic and collaborative art, whether it is a new resort community on Vancouver Island, a luxury wellness resort in the BC mountains, or the design of a contemporary and dynamic landscape in Chengdu, PRC.
Our inspiration comes from our clients – their knowledge, experience, needs, desires and aspirations. Our inspiration comes through understanding the unique qualities of each site; the form and character of the land and the physical context.

We understand that a successful project involves many individuals and groups working together towards a common goal and vision. We strive to listen and fully understand the client’s needs. The very nature of our interdisciplinary business model affords us the ability to consider Planning, Architectural, Urban Design, and Landscape solutions concurrently.

Having realized award-winning projects around the globe, we recognize the role that experience plays in walking that fine line between innovation and proven success; in the craft of visioning; and in the refinement of design sensibilities to leverage value through place making and architecture.